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How to complete Mission 4: Making space In Teardown

In “Making Space” you are trying to make space for the other aliens. You need to throw a wrench in each of their games and then escape from them before they catch on that you’re messing with them. The first three missions can be done without any problem, but Mission 4 is much more difficult than it should be because there isn’t enough room for all ten aliens within the frame of your screen. Here’s how I beat Mission 4: First, go up as high as possible so that only one alien is visible at once (this will also have an impact on gameplay). Second, place some key blocks underneath where you want to start throwing wrenches at the game until these areas become less crowded by enemies or otherwise empty out. Thirdly, wait around in this area until things get really hectic and try to grab another wrench when someone has theirs removed from play

The “teardown mission 6” is the final mission in the Teardown series. It requires you to complete the game with a score of at least 1,000,000 points. The easiest way to complete this mission is by using the following tips.

How to complete Mission 4: Making space In Teardown

The fourth mission consists of a number of different tasks. You’ll have to get rid of safes while simultaneously demolishing a structure. While the chores may not seem tough at first, if you do not know how to do them properly, you will waste a lot of time.

Fortunately, each activity has a simple procedure that will considerably reduce the amount of time required. You’ll need to use your new Blowtorch tool for this, but you’ll have plenty of time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing the assignment without too much difficulty.

Step 1: Ensure that the office is secure.

From your starting position, you are near to the Office and safe. Turn around and proceed northeast to the enormous yellow structure. The safe will be on the second story; up the stairs and enter the office via the front door (it has a glass frame around the door).

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You’ll have to pull it down the stairs since it’ll be tough to move. Alternatively, you may walk downstairs and remove the wood under the safe using the Sledgehammer. This will force it to tumble down, at which point you may move it around.

Make a hole in the wall of a structure, particularly near a shoreline. You may either spin the safe like a wheel or go behind it and attempt to “push” it ahead (it will be a low drag). You may flip the safe over any impediments in the path by pushing it like a wheel, however it will take more work. It’s simpler to push it from behind, but you won’t always receive the movement you desire.

Regardless of the technique you choose, push the safe into the water to fulfill the first goal.

Step 2: Destroy the Cabin at the Extreme End

The next goal is the Outermost Cabin, although it is a long way away. You’ll have to go southwest, but it’s still on the same piece of land and shouldn’t take long. When you see a white dot showing the height of a structure, you know you’ve found the proper one.

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This is vital to keep an eye out for since there are numerous cabins with the similar appearance, and you don’t want to waste time and money by starting on the incorrect one.

Your initial reaction will be to use the Sledgehammer to demolish the home. It isn’t incorrect, however there may be issues since there are metal sections that neither the blowtorch nor the sledgehammer can readily solve.

Going into the water (you can swim and will never drown) and using the blowtorch on the wooden supports to maintain the cabin above water is a speedier option. The home will tilt to one side after cutting neatly through enough supports, considerably lowering its height and making your task simpler.

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You’ll have to use the Sledgehammer to demolish any elements of the home that are still higher than the required height (represented by a dotted white line). However, now that you’ve removed the most significant impediments, it shouldn’t take long.

Step 3: Ensure That The Warehouse Is Safe (optional)

The following task is optional, however completing it will earn you an extra $30.

Although the warehouse is in the northeast, it is not on the same piece of property. To go to the northwest section of the region, you’ll need to use a boat. There will be two boats nearby if you just disassembled the cottage. There is a boat behind the building if you just completed dumping the office safe into the water. Do not utilize your getaway boat since this will terminate the task.

In any case, you’ll have to find a path to the northwest. You may have to travel the long way around (for example, if you’re using the boat near the cabins, you’ll have to walk around the left side), but it shouldn’t take long.

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The safe is on the second story of the warehouse, and you can bring it down using the same methods you used to access the office safe (removing the bottom to make the safe fall down). Remember that the safe is above a boat on the outside, so if you wish to remove the flooring under the safe, you’ll have to exit the warehouse.

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The warehouse is surrounded by water, so finding a location to shove the safe in shouldn’t be too difficult. When you’re finished, return to the boat and finish the objective using your getaway boat.

Completing this job should be simple now that you know how to remove the safes from their hiding places and demolish the lodge.

“The gps devices teardown” is a mission that can be found in the game “Space Teardown”. This mission will take you to 3 different locations. The first location is the building where the device was located, the second location is an abandoned warehouse, and the third location is an abandoned factory. Reference: the gps devices teardown.

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