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How to Get Elytra in Minecraft: The Easiest Way

Follow these steps to get Elytra in Minecraft. This is the easiest way to get Elytra.

How to Get Elytra Video Tutorial

Elytra is a form of armor seen in the famous video game Minecraft. It is a form of wing that allows players to fly for greater distances and explore the game environment from various angles.

If you’re seeking for a quick method to get your hands on Elytra, this video instruction will show you how. This lesson will teach you precisely what resources are required to construct Elytra and how to get them inside the game. You’ll also discover how to find Elytra-containing dungeons and the best tactics for collecting it swiftly and efficiently.

Finally, you’ll be taught how to equip Elytra after you’ve obtained it, as well as what kinds of adventures await you with it equipped. Even inexperienced players may quickly become pros at getting Elytra by following this video lesson:

  • What resources are required to construct Elytra?
  • How to get those resources inside the game?
  • How to find Elytra-containing dungeons?
  • What are the best tactics for collecting Elytra swiftly and efficiently?
  • How to equip Elytra once it is obtained?
  • What kinds of adventures await with Elytra equipped?

Available Platforms

Minecraft has an item called Elytra. It allows players to float through the air and water. Elytra may be obtained from a variety of locations, including the End Cities, Nether strongholds, wooded mansions, Ocean Monuments, and experienced villagers.

One of the simplest methods to get Elytra is to buy it on one of Minecraft’s three accessible platforms: Windows 10 Edition, Pocket Edition, or Xbox One Edition. All three are compatible with the most recent Java edition of Minecraft.

To buy Elytra on Windows 10 Edition or Pocket Edition, users must first buy money to pay a villager for the item. They may then exchange their cash for other goods in-game, such as Elytra wings. Elytra wings may be purchased directly with Microsoft Points or actual money through Xbox Live Marketplace on Xbox One Edition.

Obtaining Elytra requires some time and work depending on whatever platform you choose, but it is well worth it if you want to have a superb flying experience in your Minecraft world.

How To Get Elytra In Minecraft

Obtaining Elytra in Minecraft is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Finding Elytra in End Cities is the simplest and quickest method to get them. End Cities are huge skyscrapers that grow naturally on the End biome’s outlying islands. You may discover them by exploring or using the command ‘/locate Structure Name‘. Once inside an End City, you must look for a chest in one of its numerous towers. You could discover an enchanted Elytra with random enchantments within the chest.

You may also make your own Elytra out of:

  • four pieces of Leather
  • two pieces of Thorns
  • a pair of Phantom Membranes acquired by fighting Phantom hostile monsters in the Nether.

Crafting an Elytra will only provide you with limited functionality and will not be as effective as obtaining one from an End City chest.

1. Go To The End

The first step in obtaining an Elytra in Minecraft is to go to The End. This is a dimension that may be entered by tossing an Ender Eye into the air while standing on top of a frame built of Ender Pearls.

Once within The End, you must find and destroy the Ender Dragon. After fighting the dragon, it will drop a Dragon Egg, a unique treasure available exclusively in this region.

Once you’ve obtained the Egg, you may begin creating your item frame video lesson. All you have to do is set up a crafting table and then create an item frame. Place the Dragon Egg within the item frame, then videotape yourself demonstrating how simple it is to get Elytra in Minecraft.

2. Go To The End City

The End City is the home of the ender dragon and one of the most difficult places in Minecraft to access. Having said that, getting here is well worth your time. If you make it here, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in a variety of ways. The rare and strong Elytra item is one such prize.

Before you may access the End City, you must first complete a series of challenging stages, including discovering and entering a Stronghold and finally fighting an Ender Dragon. Once there, you’ll uncover a plethora of treasure boxes with precious artifacts such as Elytra wings. It takes effort and expertise to get here, but it is well worth it if you do.

3. Go Inside The End Ship

It’s time to get into the End Ship after you’ve found it. An entry in the shape of a door may be found underneath the ship. You must use a Minecraft command to open the door. First, make sure that cheats are enabled in your game options or in the world itself. Then, to fill a specified region with an iron door, enter /fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 minecraft:iron_door. You may change the locations based on how high and far away you want them to be from the End Ship. This will open your way into the End Ship and enable you to find an Elytra.

4. Pick Up The Elytra

You must pick up the elytra after crafting the item frame. Simply approach the item frame and hit ‘E’ on your keyboard or whichever button your game uses. Pick up the elytra and put it in your character’s inventory. Your character is now ready to take to the skies.

The elytra’s wingspan is expanded out when equipped, thus your character will immediately fly over the sky. With an elytra, you can fly further and faster than you could by leaping or running. It’s also an excellent technique to swiftly explore big places or bridge enormous gaps.

Minecraft Elytra Command

The Minecraft Elytra command allows you to get the Elytra item, which is one of the most desired goods in the game. In the game, the Elytra enables players to fly and glide.

It may be discovered in End Cities or retrieved using a specific command.

The command for acquiring an Elytra is rather simple. Players must type “/give p elytra” into the chat box and hit the enter key. This will provide them one Elytra item, which they may use to soar and glide across the Minecraft world.

This command may also be used to get an enchanted elytra by putting “/give p enchanted elytra” instead of merely “elytra” into the chat box. The enchanted version will provide players with additional advantages such as improved speed and agility when flying or gliding with their elytron.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher

Elytra is a one-of-a-kind, special item introduced to Minecraft with the 1.9 release. It is a set of wings that enables the player to glide and soar about the Minecraft world. Obtaining it requires a mission from an explorer called Fin, who may be found traveling about Minecraft’s many biomes.

To gain Elytra in Java Edition 1.13 and above, players must slay Ender Dragon, which may be accomplished by accessing The End Dimension through an End Portal. After defeating Ender Dragon, an Elytra will spawn nearby in a chest in the exit portal chamber. This chest is generally filled with a variety of different goods, such as dragon’s breath and magical books.

Players may equip the Elytra after getting it by going to their inventory and picking it from the armor slots.

PE – Xbox One – Switch – Win 10 – Education Edition

This section describes the many platforms on which the Minecraft Map Video Tutorial may be utilized. The guide will teach you how to get Elytra in the Minecraft game. It supports the Minecraft PE or Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Switch, Windows 10 edition, and Education Edition.

Each of these versions may change somewhat in terms of structure and controls, but with this lesson, viewers will have access to all necessary information regardless of whatever platform they are using. This means that viewers from any platform may easily and quickly learn how to obtain Elytra in Minecraft.


Questions and Answers FAQs are an excellent approach to convey crucial information about a certain game or topic to players. This FAQ discusses the popular game Minecraft and how to earn Elytra, your character’s wings.

Elytra are a Creative mode equipment that allows your character to glide. They are highly sought after objects that may be utilized for speedy travel and reaching regions that would otherwise be too difficult or time consuming to reach. Elytra may be obtained in a variety of methods, but it must first be activated on your server or single-player world. Once activated, you may select whether to get it via a treasure box, a crafting recipe, trading with villagers, or buying it from Cartographers.

To utilize Elytra, they must be equipped on the chest slot in your armor inventory once you have obtained them. While equipped, they may be used as a gliding tool when falling from a height of more than seven blocks. Knowing how to obtain Elytra in Minecraft is a must-have ability that opens up endless exploring options.

How do you use elytra in Minecraft?

Elytra is a kind of armor in Minecraft that enables players to glide through the air, allowing them to reach distant or inaccessible locations.

To utilize elytra, players must equip it as an item by putting it in the inventory menu’s chestplate slot. After that, they may use it by pressing Spacebar while leaping from a height. Before gliding, the player should position their mouse cursor on the ground and gently move it up to gradually raise height till it feels most comfortable for them.

Players may only take off by leaping from a high surface or utilizing certain platforms such as Slime Blocks, Soul Sand Blocks, or Slime Block Launchers. Due to its innate glide feature, Elytra may be a fantastic tool for easily exploring large terrains and scaling steep buildings such as mountains and big towers without suffering fall damage.

How do you use elytra with fireworks?

Using Elytra with Fireworks is a terrific method to travel rapidly, obtain an aerial perspective of the world, and just have fun in the game. To use Elytra with Fireworks, you must first equip it by pressing F or right-clicking on it in your chest inventory. Then, right-click on a Firework Rocket item in your hotbar to launch yourself into the air.

This will launch a rocket that will take you up into the sky for a short flight. You may turn left and right while flying by using the WASD keys or your mouse pointer. When you’re done using the rocket, use the leap space bar to return to solid ground. This method is excellent for fast moving around and seeing views from far above that would otherwise be unattainable in Minecraft.

How do you dye elytra in Minecraft?

Dying Elytra in Minecraft is a rather simple procedure. To begin, you must collect an undyed elytra from the End City. Make sure you have the dye color of your choosing after you get the undyed elytra. You may create any form of dye using elements available in your Minecraft environment.

Once you’ve obtained both, just combine them by putting the elytra and dye on the crafting grid shown below. When they are made together, they will transform into an Elytra with that dye hue.

This is a simple method to give your Elytra a distinctive design or to make it match your general Minecraft aesthetic. You may also use the crafting grid to mix two dyes to create more elaborate patterns and motifs with several colors on one Elytra. You may even make amazing looking pixel art or flags on each wing with great attention and preparation. Make sure to explore and express yourself by designing some fantastic Elytra for yourself.

How do you repair elytra in Minecraft?

Repairing your elytra in Minecraft is a simple yet time-consuming operation. You’ll need to locate two pieces of the same kind and then break them down into material components using a grindstone. Once you have all of the necessary components, you may use a crafting table to assemble an enchanted firework rocket. This rocket must then be used in conjunction with an anvil to repair your elytra wings. The quantity of durability returned depends on the degree of enchantments on the firework rocket you built, so construct one with as many enchantments as possible for the best durability restoration for your elytra wings.

The quickest and most effective method to repair your elytra is to use mending and experience points, which will automatically heal the durability of your wings as you acquire XP.

More Basic Items

Players who want to gain Elytra in Minecraft must first discover a few more fundamental goods. These are required ingredients in the crafting process and may be found all around the globe. An anvil, a saddle, obsidian blocks, and thread are all essential equipment. The amount and kind of bricks may vary depending on your Minecraft version. For Java Edition players, for example, a complete pair of Elytra wings requires six blocks of obsidian.

Elytra is most commonly obtained by conquering a Fortress or Stronghold;, but it can also be created from an ender pearl and two Blaze Rods found in Nether fortresses.

Simply install your Elytra onto a chestplate leather armor piece, such as leather or iron armor, after all of the ingredients have been acquired and arranged into the required crafting table configuration. This will provide you your own pair of wings.

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft (Easiest Way)

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