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How To Make A Jukebox In Minecraft: A Step-by-Step

Jukeboxes are a great way to add some musical ambiance to your Minecraft world. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make a jukebox in Minecraft, step-by-step.

How To Make A Jukebox Video Tutorial

Making a jukebox in Minecraft is an excellent method to design your own own music system. This video tutorial will teach you how to build a jukebox in Minecraft.

  1. First, you must locate the discs. Discs may be obtained randomly strewn around the game’s biomes or by exchanging with locals.
  2. Once you’ve gathered all of the required pieces, you’ll need to put them together to make a jukebox. Place eight wooden blocks in the form of a cube on the crafting table, then put one disc of your choosing in the middle of the cube.
  3. Finally, set the freshly constructed jukebox on a block and enjoy your very own customized music system.

Available Platforms

Minecraft is presently accessible for a number of platforms, making it simple to create a jukebox in the game regardless of the device you’re using. Minecraft is now accessible on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, iOS, and Android smartphones. The game may be purchased on the official Minecraft website or from digital shops such as Amazon or Steam.

You can make your own jukebox as long as you have internet connection and an account on a compatible site. Minecraft has been an enormously popular game since its first release in 2011, thanks to its vast array of platform and device possibilities.

Materials Needed To Make A JukeBox

You’ll need certain special resources to create a jukebox in Minecraft. You will need four of the following items in total:

  • Redstone Dust
  • Wooden Planks, which can be discovered on practically every sort of tree in the game, are needed to create the Jukebox itself.
  • Discs Dye or Music Discs, and a Jukebox Block.
  • Redstone Dust is required to activate your jukebox after it has been installed. Redstone Dust may be found in a variety of rocks and subsurface levels.

With these four components, you’ll have everything you need to make your own jukebox.

Steps To Make A Minecraft JukeBox

Making a jukebox in Minecraft is a simple procedure with few steps and minimal materials. You must first gather 8 wooden planks, 1 diamond, 1 redstone dust, and 1 record disc. After acquiring these components, you may begin creating the jukebox in a 3×3 crafting grid. Put the eight wooden planks in the outside squares and a diamond in the center square. To finish the crafting grid, put the redstone dust in the remaining spots. After that, you may place your freshly created jukebox in your inventory.

Once you’ve added it to your inventory, you may set it on any flat surface in the game environment. To play music from this jukebox, right-click on it while holding a record disc. The music will begin to play as a result of this. To stop this jukebox from playing music after hearing it once or many times, just right-click on it again with an empty hand.

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

To begin building a jukebox in Minecraft, visit the crafting menu. You’ll need to collect the appropriate ingredients, which may be found all around the planet. These supplies include oak wood planks, a wooden pressure plate, and a 12-inch or 7-inch disc.

Once you have these ingredients, press the E key on your keyboard to access the crafting menu.

Once your crafting menu is open, place the oak wood planks in the two side-by-side boxes on the top row of your crafting interface, the leftmost and rightmost slots. Then, drag and drop one of each item – a wooden pressure plate and a disc – into any empty box below those on the crafting menu’s second row. If everything is properly, you should now see a jukebox picture in the center third box.

2. Add The Wood Planks And Diamond To The Menu

The second stage in making a Minecraft jukebox is to add the wood planks and diamond to the menu. To do so, the player must first access their inventory by pressing E. Then, at the bottom of the screen, users must choose the crafting table icon. When they open it, they will discover two squares of equal size separated by a plus sign. This is the crafting grid, where players may arrange resources to make objects.

The player must now place eight wooden planks in each of these square slots, as well as one diamond in the middle of each squares. This will create two jukeboxes on each side of the crafting grid, which will be ready to use once put in a Minecraft environment.

3. Move The Jukebox To Your Inventory

After placing the jukebox in your environment, you must transfer it to your inventory before you may use it. To begin, move your cursor over the jukebox. A black outline will appear around the chosen item to indicate that it has been selected. Then, on mobile, right-click or touch and hold the jukebox. This will bring up a menu from which you may choose “Move To Inventory” to add the jukebox to your inventory. With this done, you now have access to all of the melon music in Minecraft.

Minecraft Jukebox Command

The Minecraft jukebox command provides a helpful step-by-step instruction for making a jukebox in Minecraft. To make a jukebox in Minecraft, you must first locate the music disc item. You may also interact with the jukebox by using a hopper and redstone bricks. Crafting the jukebox is simple if you have all of the essential ingredients. In a crafting table, mix one note block, four planks of any sort, and two diamonds. You may set your jukebox on any solid block surface after it has been created.

The next step is to activate it by right-clicking the music disc item and selecting “Activate”. When this occurs, the jukebox’s disc symbol lights up and music begins to play. You may interact with it further by utilizing hoppers and redstone bricks, which enable you to swap discs and even turn off its sound entirely.

Anyone may rapidly create and operate their own Minecraft jukebox by following a few simple steps:

  1. Locate the music disc item
  2. Craft the jukebox in a crafting table with one note block, four planks of any sort, and two diamonds
  3. Set the jukebox on any solid block surface
  4. Right-click the music disc item and select “Activate
  5. Utilize hoppers and redstone bricks to swap discs and turn off sound

Java Edition 1.13 and higher jukebox command

This video tutorial shows how to build a jukebox in Minecraft for Java Edition versions 1.13 and above. This version enables users to create a custom-music emitting jukebox in their Minecraft environment by using the /jukebox command. With only one command, you may create your own music box with the /setblock command.

To make one, enter ‘/setblock x y z minecraft:jukebox’, substituting the X, Y, and Z coordinates with the position of your jukebox. After you’ve used this command, step right in front of the jukebox and insert a record; you’ll be able to hear it play your favorite music.

PE – Xbox One – Switch – Win 10 – Education Edition

Different variants of a jukebox are available in Minecraft’s PE Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Switch, Windows 10, and Education Editions. Each version differs differently, enabling gamers to tailor their own experience.

  • The PE version of the jukebox allows players to build their own jukebox out of planks and discs, then add music discs inside.
  • The Xbox One version enables players to access music CDs in-game via the use of special blocks that produce music when powered by redstone.
  • The Switch version allows users to assemble the jukebox with obsidian, bricks, and iron ingots.
  • The Windows 10 version enables more sophisticated creations by include additional blocks such as chorus flowers that release musical notes when stomped on.
  • Finally, the Education Edition includes additional musical elements such as note blocks and treble clefs in its construction system for further customization possibilities when creating a jukebox.

More Decoration Recipes

Decorating your Minecraft environment is a terrific way to personalize it. From making gorgeous gardens to producing elaborate works of art, the choices for decorative recipes are endless. The jukebox is a common decorative idea. Players may utilize this feature to customize their builds while simultaneously listening to music in-game.

The jukebox recipe is made out of various parts, including wood blocks, iron ingots, music discs, and note blocks. To make the jukebox block, put one iron ingot in the center of their grid’s top row, followed by two wood blocks above it and two music discs below it left-right. Players should insert two more wood blocks on the left side and one note block above that on the right side. Players will have successfully made a working jukebox block that can play music discs after combining all of these pieces.

How To Make A Jukebox In Minecraft (Jukebox Minecraft Recipe)