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How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft: A Step-By-Step Minecraft Lantern

Learn how to make a lantern in Minecraft with this step-by-step guide. With just a few materials, you can add some extra light to your Minecraft world.

How To Make A Lantern Video Tutorial

Making a lantern in Minecraft is a straightforward process. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of making a Minecraft lantern, which is one of the most common light sources in the game. To make your lantern, you’ll need a few tools and supplies, such as iron ingots, glass panes, and fuel.

Once you’ve acquired all of the required components, you can follow along with the video guide to make your very own Minecraft lantern. You will learn how to place iron blocks to form a single vertical line that is then enclosed on all four sides by glass windows. Finally, you’ll insert fuel, often coal or wood planks, into the middle of your lantern to finish it. After you’ve performed these steps, your Minecraft lantern is complete.

Making a lantern in Minecraft is a breeze if you follow our step-by-step instruction:

Available Platforms

Minecraft is playable on several platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The game is also available in several versions for each platform, ranging from a full-featured Java Edition for Windows to a Bedrock Edition for various consoles and smartphones. With so many ways to play Minecraft, anybody with a compatible device may enjoy this enjoyable sandbox game.

In addition to these platforms, an Education Edition edition is available for instructors and students in schools. If you want to learn how to create a lantern in Minecraft, it doesn’t matter whatever platform you use since the method is the same no matter where you play.

Materials Needed To Make A Lantern

Five iron ingots and four glass blocks are required to create a lamp in Minecraft. Iron ingots may be found in settlements, caverns, and mine shafts. You must mine for them in order to collect them. Glass blocks may also be discovered around different constructions and are made by stacking eight of the same sort of sand block in a square arrangement.

When you’ve gathered both of these things, you’ll be able to create your lantern and start crafting your own wonderful Minecraft masterpieces. The crafting procedure is straightforward:

  • Arrange the five iron ingots in a vertical configuration in a Crafting Table grid,
  • Then add four glass blocks on top to complete it.

You’ll then have your own own Minecraft Lantern. The lantern may be used to provide light sources in situations where torches are insufficient or do not look appealing. The Lantern is particularly beneficial during mining since it emits more light than torches in gloomy places or at night.

Steps To Make A Lantern

Making a lantern in Minecraft is a very straightforward process; but it is essential to first grasp the required components. Iron ingots, glass blocks, and fuel are the most fundamental components of making a lantern in Minecraft.

Once these resources have been obtained, players must locate or create an iron block and set it on the ground. Following that, two additional iron blocks at the same level as the first should be set on each side. To complete the frame form, a stack of four glass blocks should be put between the two iron blocks and topped with one final iron block.

Players must now fill each area in the frame with fuel, which might be coal, charcoal, or other fuel-like things. Finally, they must ignite the lantern using a flint and steel or another method of ignition. When all four pieces of the lantern have been loaded with fuel and ignited, a working lantern will emerge in Minecraft for players to enjoy.


Step 1. Open Your Crafting Menu

The first step in making a lantern is to access your crafting menu. To do so, while in-game, hit E on your keyboard. This will bring up the crafting menu, where you can find all of the recipes for making stuff in Minecraft.

After you’ve opened your crafting menu, you’ll need to search and pick the lantern recipe. You may accomplish this by either going through all of the recipes or searching for “lantern” explicitly. When you choose a lantern recipe, it will show on the left side of your screen, along with all of the required supplies.

You will need the following supplies to make one lamp:

  • Three iron ingots
  • Four torches

Once you’ve gathered all of these objects, just drag them into their corresponding slots in the crafting grid and then click craft.

Step 2. Add The Iron Nuggets And Torch To The Menu

Adding the Iron Nuggets and Torch to the menu is a vital step in Minecraft Lantern creation. The Iron Nuggets are needed to make both the Redstone and the Torch, and the Torch is required to create a light source that may be put in the world. Drag these things into your creating grid after clicking on their individual photos at the left of your crafting table. You’ll see a square with four slots where you may create different recipes using crafting resources.

After you’ve put these things to your grid, you may construct your lantern using either 6 iron nuggets or 1 redstone and 1 torch. This step is critical since it enables you to create a Lantern that emits light without using any of your minecart’s energy.

Step 3. Move The Lantern To Your Inventory

In this stage, you must add the lamp to your inventory. Make sure you have an empty slot in your inventory before you begin. If not, be sure to free some space in your inventory by removing any goods you no longer need. After creating some room, just drag the lamp into the first available slot in your inventory.

Once in your inventory, the item may be utilized or made into a pickaxe. The pickaxe may then be made by mixing one iron ingot with wood planks on a crafting table or an enchanting table. You will have successfully created a pickaxe out of lanterns and other materials after finishing these procedures:

  • Drag the lamp into the first available slot in your inventory.
  • Utilize the item or make it into a pickaxe.
  • Mix one iron ingot with wood planks on a crafting table or an enchanting table.

Minecraft Lantern Command

The Minecraft lantern command is a game command that enables users to produce a light source that is comparable to a torch but considerably brighter. The command is typed into the chat box and executed immediately.

The Lantern may be used for making or decoration and can be put anywhere on the planet. The lanterns are made by combining four Coal Blocks and one Glowstone Block; these materials will be consumed throughout the construction process.

The Lanterns offer lighting in low-light situations and may even be put underwater for increased visibility. When put underwater, the lantern’s light will remain on even if the player travels away from it or an Enderman takes it up.

The Minecraft lantern command also has numerous brightness settings that may be modified by right-clicking on the block after it has been created.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher lantern command

Players in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 and above may get a light by using the /give command. The player may use this command to add a lantern item to their inventory. Enter “/give p minecraft:lantern” into the chat box to do so. After entering this command, you will be granted one Lantern, which you may save in your inventory for later use.

The Lantern item may be used in a variety of creative tasks, such as:

  • Generating a source of light
  • Powering redstone circuits

Because it lasts far longer than conventional torches, the Lantern may also be used as an alternative to torches while constructing constructions.

PE – Xbox One – Switch – Win 10 – Education Edition

This guide is designed for Minecraft users who are running the Windows 10, Education Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PE versions of the popular game. It provides step-by-step directions for making a lantern in the game.

Scaffolds are an essential aspect of Minecraft construction. They give gamers with an elevated platform from which to explore higher locations or just create. A good scaffolding project involves careful design and placement, as well as understanding of various resources and crafting materials. This video lesson will teach you all you need to know to master scaffolding building in various versions of Minecraft. It will describe the materials required, how to utilize them, and provide full step-by-step directions for constructing a successful building.

More Decoration Recipes

Making Minecraft decorations may be a really gratifying experience. There are several alternatives and methods for building homes, castles, and other structures. Decoration recipes are excellent for adding detail and making your creations stand out.

The lantern is a common decorative piece. Lanterns offer enough illumination for your constructions while also adding a great touch of detail. This post will walk you through the steps of making a lantern in Minecraft. We’ll go through the materials you’ll need, the crafting process, and how to connect the lantern to your construction. Following these guidelines, you’ll be able to make a lovely lantern to add some individuality to your buildings.

How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft (Minecraft Lantern Recipe)

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