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How to win the World Touring Car 600 championship in Gran Turismo 7 (Menu Book 33)

The World Touring Car Championships take place every year in fictional G-TOUR 7. This is one of the most popular racing games and Gran Turismo fans are always looking for new ways to win it. Here’s a collection of tips that will get you started on your way back to victory lane!

The “gran turismo 7 world touring car 600” is a racing game in which you can win the World Touring Car Championship. You’ll need to beat all of the other racers and take the checkered flag.

How to win the World Touring Car 600 championship in Gran Turismo 7 (Menu Book 33)

Menu Book 33 in Gran Turismo 7 challenges you to finish third in the World Touring Car 600 championship. The World Touring Car 600 Championship has no specific entry criteria. All you need is a National A License and an automobile of any kind from any nation with a maximum power output of 600 PP. The first difficulty is to choose the best automobile. Then there are three distinct GT7 circuits to compete on, although the complexity of these races isn’t always constant. But it is possible. You may not only place in the top three in the World Touring Car 600 championship, but you can also win it!

The World Touring Car 600 is the best car in the world.

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We can’t tell you which vehicle is the ultimate best for the World Touring Car 600 since acquiring and testing all 400+ cars in the game would take months. However, in our own Garage, we evaluated a range of the most suited automobiles, and the BMW M3 ’07, which you will have gotten back on Menu Book 22, came out on top. For such a huge, powerful vehicle, it has exceptionally smooth handling and is perfectly suited to all three circuits in this competition.

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Sports Suspension, Two-Way LSD, Fully Customizable Racing Transmission, Racing Brake Discs and Pads, a Racing Clutch and Flywheel, and a Wing were all installed on our M3. We also purchased Weight Reduction Stage 1, which reduced its weight to 1,472 kg. We used Racing: Heavy Wet tires and set the horsepower to 437 for Race 1 at the Red Bull Ring. We utilized Sports: Medium tires for the remaining two races, and the horsepower was adjusted at 464. Even if you don’t have a BMW M3, a comparable tune setup like this is recommended.

Race 1 of the World Touring Car 600: Red Bull Ring Guide

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So long as you don’t use dry tires, this is by far the simplest of the World Touring Car 600 events. We’re presuming the AI cars are all running on dry tires since they’re a lot simpler to beat now than they were in the two dry races. In any case, it’s a rather simple course. Just keep in mind that wet tires don’t entirely negate the rain. You should still drive more cautiously, so don’t oversteer, stop, or accelerate, and brake far before of those hairpins.

Race 2 of the World Touring Car 600: Suzuka Circuit Guide

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The most difficult of the three races, with a convoluted course that requires a high level of ability. There are several lengthy bends here that may be taken quickly, but it’s easier said than done. You can’t simply speed around them with your steering and throttle both set to maximum. To turn at full speed, you’ll need to be very accurate with your steering and throttle control. One easy trick is to cut around the narrow chicane at the pit entrance to save a lot of time. Cut across the two side lanes well before the Yokohama sign. You may take the left-hander at great speed from here.

Race 3 of the World Touring Car 600: Dragon Trail Seaside Guide

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This is another difficult race, however it is less difficult than the Suzuka Circuit. To go around the steep left-hander, you’ll need to brake hard as soon as you exit the initial right-hander (except on the first lap, when you can brake a little later). Going up a hill, the segment when you get a smooth right, then left, then right might be deceiving. The top left-hander is quick, but it’s on the summit of the hill, which might cause you to lose traction and slide out of control, so be cautious. The two chicanes that go down the seashore are also deceptive. Take the first one practically as fast as you can, but don’t deceive yourself into believing you can do the same with the second. It’s significantly tighter, and you’ll need to hit the brakes hard as soon as you exit the first chicane to get a good line into the second.

The “gran turismo 7 license rewards” is a book that contains information on how to win the World Touring Car 600 championship in Gran Turismo 7. It also includes a list of all the car models, their specifications and performance data.

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