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Primarina Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Primaria is one of the strongest water types in Pokemon Go, but what are its weaknesses? How do you counter it when playing against Primarina?

Primarina is a water-type Pokemon that has many weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO. Primarina’s best moveset is “primarina weak to ice, strong against fire.”

Primarina Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Primarina Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

When Pokemon Sun and Moon first came out, Primarina was a polarizing Pokemon, and I never understood why. It’s a gorgeous, singing mermaid seal thing, putting aside my innate liking for Water kinds. To me, it seems to be a really appealing design, and who doesn’t appreciate a Pokemon that can sing and dance? Of course, if one of Primarina’s water balloons blew up in your face, you’d be less enthusiastic about the concept, but that’s what you get for being sassy. Here are Primarina’s vulnerabilities and Raid counters in Pokemon GO if you wish to match her dance.

Weaknesses and Resistances of Primarina

Primarina is a Water/Fairy type, making it the only starting Pokemon with any Fairy typing to date, which may be difficult to grasp. Primarina has the following resistances as a result of her typing:

  • Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Ice, and Darkness
  • Dragon-Resistant in Two Ways
  • Poison, Grass, and Electricity are all bad for you.

Primarina has a respectable combination of numbers that keep it afloat, with a base attack of 232, a base defense of 195, and a base stamina of 190, all of which are supported by a max Raid CP of 1,829, 2,286 enhanced.

Pokemon GO’s Primarina Moveset

Primarina may use the following moves in battle:

Quick Actions

  • a cascade (Water)
  • enchant (Fairy)

The Most Important Steps

  • Blast from the Moon (Fairy)
  • Hydraulic Pump (Water)
  • Psychic abilities (Psychic)

Counters for Primarina in Pokemon GO

Primarina isn’t as powerful as other Raid stars, but her above-average attack, paired with good speed and strong Fairy and Water skills, may make her a difficult opponent if you’re not prepared. Primarina’s odd type gives her a lot of resistances, but it doesn’t have much coverage against her few vulnerabilities, allowing you plenty of time to respond.

List of Counters for Primarina in Pokemon GO

  • Zarude – Power Whip and Vine Whip
  • Thunder Shock/Wild Charge – Electivire
  • Charge Beam/Wild Charge – Zekrom
  • Volt Switch/Thunderbolt Therian Thundurus
  • Thunder Shock/Wild Charge Raikou
  • Thunder Shock/Thunderbolt – Zapdos
  • Lick/Shadow Ball – Gengar
  • Roserade – Grass Knot/Poison Jab
  • Spark/Wild Charge Magnezone
  • Vine Whip/Power Whip – Tangrowth

Electivire and Magnezone are your best options if you want to go for the typical Electric over Water counter. Magnezone, in particular, is immune to Psychic and Fairy techniques owing to its partial Steel type, and none of these Pokemon is vulnerable to anything in Primarina’s arsenal. All you need are some doubled-up Electric moves in any scenario; both Electivire and Magnezone have nearly identical stats as Primarina, so having the type advantage may make all the difference.

If you want to take a chance, you may choose a powerful Poison type like Gengar or Roserade to abuse Primarina’s Fairy typing. Due to the fact that both of these Pokemon have stronger attack numbers than Primarina, a few decisive hits from Poison type attacks may swiftly put matters to rest. The only thing to look out for is Psychic moves, since Poison types are vulnerable to them.

If you want to utilize a Legendary, go with Therian Thundurus, who has no vulnerabilities against Primarina’s kit and some wicked Electric moves up its sleeve. It’s almost a foregone conclusion.

Primarina is a powerful water-type Pokemon in the new generation of Pokemon GO. This article will list some of its weaknesses and counters to help you out. Reference: primarina pokemon go max cp.

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