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Road 96 – On The Way Out

The game has been out for years, so the player count is low. The economy is dwindling and it’s time to put a final nail in its coffin – or not?

Road 96 is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It is an action-adventure game where you play as a member of the resistance group called “The Last Riders.” The game has been out for quite some time, but it’s still worth playing.

Road 96 - On The Way Out

REVIEW – DigixArt’s game, which was just released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, may be able to capture players’ interest with a plot that may be linked to current political events. It may even have a domestic aspect for a few players (depending on where they come from), which might make this game hotter than it intended to be.



The longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the (I promise, I’ve made this remark before.) Oh well, I don’t think it’s done any damage, and it still fits.)


thegeek Road 96 1


A nameless adolescent on the run


The primary character in Road 96 is a teenager with a blank slate, which might be considered a flaw in the game since there is no past and therefore no way to relate to the plot via this individual. Because they are tired of being divided, the youthful generation is attempting to flee an authoritarian society by crossing its borders (which I will do when the time comes). Tyrek, the president of Petria, is tightening the belt around the people’s necks and persecuting those who would rather escape, and one would wonder why. The issue is that, to put it plainly, Road 96 does not have much to show beyond the elementary stages since it might have taken a more methodical approach. Okay, there are the homeless adolescents, but the question “just WHAT is society running away from?” shouldn’t have been left unanswered. And there are no border restrictions as stringent as there were, instance, in the second part of December 1989, when Romanian authorities attempted to deport László Tkés, but let’s not dive into historical minutiae here…

Food and money are available, and the borders are open. In other words, it doesn’t seem to be an incredibly horrible situation to be in. Furthermore, there is no racial or religious cleansing in this nation, therefore mass departure does not seem warranted. As a result, we should have faith in the game’s storyline that something dreadful is taking place. There is evidence of a failed revolt, although it occurred a decade before the events of the game. Serious proof of the country’s standing (as in, the quality of life) may have been too late. However, the notion of discreditability may apply there as well. My argument is that there needs to be a major cause for someone to leave their home country, their homeland, behind with no links remaining, and Road 96 has not explained why the main protagonists chose to stand up and flee someplace else. I’m not saying the game is bad, but I think it would have been better if it was more transparent.


thegeek Road 96 2


Getting back on the beaten path


As a result, it’s a political satire with a plot that develops in an interesting new manner. Let’s simply say that no two people will have the same experience since the game will be randomly created (like No Man’s Sky). After all, there are seven major characters, and our primary goal will be to fill the tale bar. Each of our trips to the border will result in confrontations, and this will continue until the election. We will never hear the whole narrative of any character due to the procedurally created technique, which implies replayability (one run requires about five and a half hours).

However, not everyone will be willing to do so, and if you want to see everything, you may have to play Road 96 many times with three different endings. One is revolution, another is voting, and the third is absolute indifference (all of which have advantages and disadvantages, and we won’t get into them here). There are a few things that break up the monotony of the gameplay: puzzles and mini-games, but they aren’t enough to redeem the game. Our character has no effect on the plot and just follows with the flow, which is formed in one way or another by the seven primary NPCs. That, in my view, is the issue; the game might have been lot more ambitious than it was.




9 – x – 6 -> 7.5


Road 96 gets a seven and a half out of ten from me since the background isn’t built on anything, thus it’s simply for show with no explicit (and welcome) explication. Although the concept may be considered an experiment, it nonetheless ended up in a cage due to its lack of bravery. Perhaps a book or a short tale would have been a better way to enjoy it. That is to say, a linear notion would have been preferable. Petria is still underdeveloped, but the rating is “good” for a reason: I can confidently suggest Road 96 to adventure game aficionados, and for them, I’ll provide the normal second grade: this is more like an eight and a half out of ten. It has twists and turns, you can spend time with it (although not everyone will play the tale twice or even three times, let’s not debate about that), and the NPCs are likable for the most part. As a result, I can confidently suggest the game. But I have a question for you. When will the game’s Xbox Series and Xbox One ports be available?



+ It has a contemporary, accessible premise + No one will ever have the same experience + It offers endless replayability…


-…but some folks aren’t willing to play it more than once – With the comments, I wasn’t courageous enough – Petria should have been a lot more specific…

DigixArt/Plug In Digital is the publisher.

DigixArt is the creator of this game.

MotoGP license video game adaption is a genre.

April 14, 2022 (Nintendo Switch, PC), August 16, 2021 (Nintendo Switch, PC) (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4)

REVIEW – Released recently for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, DigixArt’s game may be able to get players’ attention with a storyline that can be tied to actual political events these days. For a few players (depending on where they originate from), it might even have a domestic angle, which could make this game somewhat spicier than what it wanted to be.     The longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the longest road, the (I promise, I’ve made this remark before.) Oh well, I don’t think it’s done any damage, and it still fits.)     A nameless adolescent on the run…

96th Street – On The Way Out

96th Street – On The Way Out



96 is still 96 inverted.

7.6 out of 10 for gameplay
6.4 for graphics
8.4 for the story
7.1 audio/music
8.5 for atmosphere



96 is still 96 inverted.

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Road 96 is a game that was released in the summer of 2017. The game has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store due to poor reviews and low sales. The game had a lot of potential, but it’s not surprising that the developers decided to take down the app. Reference: road 96 romance.

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