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The best rewards in Sea of Thieves Season 5 Plunder Pass

As in any game, there are ways to get rewards. In Sea of Thieves Season 5 you’ll have the opportunity to win a Golden Hoard Chest by completing certain actions throughout the season. Here’s what those opportunities look like:

Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate adventure game. This season, players can earn the best rewards in Sea of Thieves with the “sea of thieves season 5 plunder pass.”

The best rewards in Sea of Thieves Season 5 Plunder Pass

Rare has released a new Plunder Pass to coincide with the debut of Season Five of Sea of Thieves, as it has done with each new season of the game. This premium add-on may be purchased for 999 Ancient Coins (about 9.99 USD) (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get a slight discount). Players who acquire the Season Five Plunder Pass and raise their Renown level will be able to unlock 14 arctic-themed cosmetics that are suited for the frigid winter season, in addition to the additional Ancient Coins. The top five prizes in Season Five’s Plunder Pass are shown below.

Aurora Borealis Hull

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Each item of the Boreal Aurora ship set is accessible in the Plunder Pass as a separate prize, however some are more essential than others (and much cooler). The hull and sails are, in fact, the most important sections of your ship. That’s why the Boreal Aurora Hull is one of our top five Plunder Pass awards from Season Five. Its delicate, brilliant colors contrast well with the deep blacks, making the glow-in-the-dark colors pop against the waves at night. Fortunately, unlocking this hull shouldn’t take long after you’ve reached the fair level of 20 Renown.

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Aurora Borealis Sails

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The Boreal Aurora Sails are one of the better prizes in the new Plunder Pass, rounding out the bigger, more vital components of any ship’s aesthetic kit. The purple hues that shoot out from the sails’ bottoms contrast well with the black top. The centerpiece is an ice, crystalline reindeer head. It’s a mascot that not only looks great, but may also frighten players who aren’t prepared to face a devoted pirate of your quality. These sails are also on the lower end of Level 33’s Renown scale, making them more approachable. This aurora/reindeer-themed crossover will keep you cool while you sail beyond the horizon this winter.

Figurehead of the Boreal Aurora for Collectors

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At this point, we’ve progressed to the upper, more premium end of the Plunder Pass, which is already rather expensive. You could settle with the cuddly reindeer-themed Boreal Aurora Figurehead you get at Renown Level 40, but why not go all out and get the Collector’s version? The Collector’s Boreal Aurora Figurehead, unlike its brown and hairy predecessor, has a shimmering, ice surface that is more appropriate for a snowy ship scene. Furthermore, you could mix and match it with other cold-themed ship sets and still have a functional attachment. To unlock this one, you’ll need to achieve Renown Level 80, but we believe the prize is well worth the effort.

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Boreal Aurora Sails for Collectors

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The Collector’s edition of the Boreal Aurora Sails, like the prior entry, only edges over its predecessor by a hair. Not only do the Collector’s Boreal Aurora Sails have more surface colors that shine in the dark, but they also feature more vibrant arctic blues and purples. The Collector’s sails have a whole silhouetted reindeer leaping into the sky instead of the huge, ice head of a reindeer in the middle. This increases the contrast, diverts attention away from the sails while seeing the whole ship, and makes the colors stand out more. The Collector’s Boreal Aurora Sails, on the other hand, are accessible at Renown Level 90, which is rather high in comparison to its predecessor.

3rd Creeping Cold Outfit

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The Creeping Cold Costume 3 is a must-have for pirates who genuinely want to become one with the cold. At Renown Level 1, you can unlock Creeping Cold Costume 1 and at Renown Level 50, you can unlock Creeping Cold Costume 2, however both costumes aren’t as cool (literally) as Costume 3. Costume 1 has you dressed in winter-themed attire, while Costume 2 has you dressed similarly, only your skin is blue and your eyes illuminate. Costume 3, on the other hand, transforms your flesh into ice that glistens in the sunshine. Because the Creeping Cold Costume 3 unlocks at Renown Level 100, you may combine it with all of the other Plunder Pass awards to become a truly cold-blooded pirate this winter.

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The “boreal aurora ship set sea of thieves” is a new ship that can be bought with the Season 5 Plunder Pass. It is one of the best rewards in Sea of Thieves Season 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ancient coins does the plunder pass give you?

A: The pirate gives you a 5 coins in his treasure chest.

Is the Sea of Thieves plunder pass free?

A: Yes, the Sea of Thieves plunder pass is free.

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