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Top 10 Best Extra Class Servants in FGO (Ranked) –

A Servant is an arcane monster summoned by a powerful mage to fight in the story’s conflict. FGO (Fate/Grand Order) has plenty of desirable Extra Class characters, but these ten are our pick for the top spots! The final ranking includes information about their role and strengths along with links to where you can find them on your own servers.

The “fgo servant tier list jp” is a ranking of the top 10 best extra class servants in FGO. The ranking is based on the opinions of players, and does not take into account any stats or other factors.

Top 10 Best Extra Class Servants in FGO (Ranked) –

The following Servant kinds make up the Extra Class in FGO:

  • Ruler
  • Avenger
  • Cancer Moon
  • Alternate Ego
  • Foreigner
  • Spectator (JP only as of this writing)

It’s impossible to rate the Extra Class as a whole since there are so many different classes, each with its own specific specialty.

However, there are certain slaves that stand head and shoulders above the others, and it is these elite units that we will investigate more.

So let’s take a look at some of the more notable Extra Class Servants and discover what makes them unique.


Jeanne D’arc Alter is number ten (Avenger)

Jeanne D'arc Alter (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jeanne’s popularity has waned in recent years, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still cause havoc when called upon.

With the introduction of several break bars and wave quests, Jalter’s fast burst damage was no longer sufficient when it came to looping one’s NP.

Her harm, on the other hand, is still as high as it has always been.

If you’re facing a difficult boss encounter with just one HP bar, apply Merlin’s buffs to Jalter and go to work.


Okita Alter (nine) (Alter Ego)

Okita Alter (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Okita Alter is a Buster beat stick in the traditional sense.

Okita Alter shines in nodes with Riders, Casters, and Assassins, and is mostly utilized for cavalry farming.

Okita Alter had little use outside of her farming job, however her JP bonus helps her boost her farming potential somewhat.

Still, Okita Alter can farm just like the rest of them (when partnered with the correct supports).

Furthermore, the design is just… *Mwah* Magnifique!


8. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Ruler)

Sherlock Holmes (Ruler) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Sherlock is on this list because he is a fantastic Ruler in general, not only because of his key involvement in FGO’s current Lostbelt plot.

His abilities are straightforward: an opponent NP seal, critical star production and absorption, and an Arts boost combined with an evasion.

When it comes to Sherlock’s NP, though, things become a lot more intriguing.

Sherlock’s NP lowers opponent defense for three rounds, allows friends invincibility for three turns, and grants the party defensive ignore for three turns.

All of these consequences result in your damage-dealing units wreaking havoc on adversaries with high health!

Sherlock may not be the finest Extra Class servant in the world, but it’s obvious why he had to make the cut!


Kiara Sesshoin, no. 7 (Alter Ego)

Sesshoin Kiara (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kiara has been out of favor in recent years, owing to her stylised Summer Moon Cancer shape.

This version of Kiara, on the other hand, comes with a bevy of self-buffs and a 50 percent battery.

To make Kiara’s NP looping sustainable, a little additional love is required. Her battery, on the other hand, makes it much simpler to fit her into possible cavalry node farming formations.

Give Kiara some love, and if you’re fortunate, she’ll reciprocate.


Katsushika Hokusai (No. 6) (Foreigner)

Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hokusai is a damage dealer that focuses on the arts and can cause tremendous AOE damage with her NP.

Furthermore, this NP might provide foes Arts-resistance, making it feasible to use as many Hokusai Kanagawa Waves as possible to maximize your damage!

Hokusai isn’t actually designed to be looped. That isn’t to say it can’t be done, but there are a lot of better solutions out there.

She does, however, receive an unusual resistance against Berserker opponents as a Foreigner.

And it makes painting Zerk-heavy nodes a breeze for this artist.


Meltryllis (number 5) (Alter Ego)

Meltryllis (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Meltryllis is unrivaled in her ability to create Alter Egos.

Melt, mostly a Quick-based damage provider, initially appeared as one of three “sakura faces” with everyone’s favorite kohai BB and everyone’s favorite masochist Passionlip during FGO’s C.C.C event.

Melt had always been good with a kit that allowed her to increase her own damage, debuff her opponents, and remain alive at the same time.

She was never regarded as a top-tier must-have unit, though.

Skadi, on the other hand, has morphed into a boss killer like we’ve never seen before since she appeared on the scene (along with Melt’s much-needed buff)!

Melt may now enhance her NP by 30% without delay, allowing her to rapidly destroy most cavalry type adversaries in her route.


BB in the Summer (Moon Cancer)

Summer BB (Moon Cancer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

This is a potentially divisive choice. Summer BB, on the other hand, will stay important as the FGO Servant pool grows and units gain more strength. Summer BB has one of the most distinctive and game-breaking abilities in the game.

Summer BB’s claim to fame is her three-turn ability to lock your face cards.

This doesn’t seem to be particularly powerful. However, you’ll notice how strong she grows when you encounter your first multiple break bar challenge mission.

Super Orion, for example, relies on his face cards to inflict tremendous critical hit damage.

However, if you miss your roll and don’t draw a Buster card, you’ll lose all of your cooldowns and crit stars.

Summer BB lets you to lay waste to every adversary that comes in your path by resetting a Challenge Quest node (which normally only costs about 5AP) until you acquire the ideal beginning hand.


3. Di Shi Huang (Ruler)

Shi Huang Di (Ruler) Fate/Grand Order sprite

When an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object, what do you get?

Of course, you get a man-moth hybrid!

Shi Huang Di is one of FGO’s most tanky Servant.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Shi Huang Di such a powerful meat shield.

Shi Huang Di’s abilities are severely overburdened.

His initial ability lowers opponent NP charge while also lowering enemy defense.

His second ability has a 70% chance of stuning all foes and increasing his own attack for three rounds.

Finally, his third talent increases his NP by 50%, removes ALL debuffs, and restores HP.

As if that weren’t enough, his nearly-broken NP also grants him invincibility for one turn and a taunt!

All of these characteristics, together with the Ruler class’s inherent bulk and resistances, indicate that he will remain on the field for a long period.


Dantes, Edmond (Avenger)

Edmond Dantes (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Edmond Dantes was once at the pinnacle of the agricultural metagame. And, although he’s been replaced by another Avenger (whom we’ll discuss momentarily), it doesn’t imply Dantes is no longer relevant.

Three-turn looping became all the rage once Skadi entered the game and reinvigorated the FGO Quick meta.

Edmond Dantes accomplished it better than anybody else.

Dantes’s strength was that he could loop on almost any opponent type without worrying about class mismatches.

He only gives neutral damage to most classes as an Avenger, but he gains greater attack damage as a result of his own class.

You may Quick loop until the server goes down if you missed Castoria but have a Dantes around NP3 or above.


1. Ishtar of Space (Avenger)

Space Ishtar (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

The accessibility of Space Ishtar’s looping tactic is what makes her superior to a servant like Dantes.

To farm with Dantes, you’ll need a Kaleidoscope (ideally MLB) and at least NP3 to loop with him.

Due to her own NP batteries, Space Ishtar does not need a beginning NP CE and can even utilize Black Grail to augment her damage even more!

Space Ishtar is also remarkable for her ability to change her NP type.

Having a strong servant that can farm in any Quick, Buster, or Arts meta is a lifesaver in a game where farming is 90% of the game.

If you have a powerful Space Ishtar (NP2 or above), you won’t have to worry about farming until FGO2 delivers the rumored fourth card type.

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The “fgo servant tier list jp 2021” is a top 10 ranking of the best Extra Class Servants in FGO. The ranking was done by taking into account the overall performance, rarity and cost of each servant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest servant in Fgo?

A: The strongest servant in FGO is the Red Servant.

Is Fgo free to play?

A: No, FGO is not free to play.

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