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Upcoming Dakar Desert Rally Will Feature In-Game Ads by Anzu

The Dakar 2017 Rally will feature in-game ads for major sponsors. It is the first time a real life sporting event has integrated advertising into its game mechanics, making it more interactive than ever before – and lucrative to race organizers too!

The “dakar rally” is an upcoming event that will feature in-game ads by Anzu. The game has been developed to be a free-to-play title, with the option of purchasing additional content.

Upcoming Dakar Desert Rally Will Feature In-Game Ads by Anzu

Dakar Desert Rally Anzu

Anzu has signed a contract with Saber Interactive to broadcast in-game advertisements in the forthcoming game Dakar Desert Rally. The future game Dakar Desert Rally is the official game of the Dakar Rally, the world’s biggest rally event, organized by Amaury Sport Organization.

The race is aired in 190 countries on 70 TV stations. The race in 2021 had 1065 drivers and 578 cars, with a total audience of 59.8 million across multiple platforms, with an additional 76.8 million Facebook and Instagram story views. Saber Interactive’s planned Dakar Desert Rally is set to premiere in 2022 and will include massive open-world racing with seasons and dynamic weather.

Players will discover official road guides to help them traverse the landscape, as well as a garage full of approved vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, quads, and SSVs. Anzu is giving its in-game ad technology to distribute commercials in an immersive manner, since this is the most realistic Dakar experience to yet. Advertisers will be able to broadcast banner and video advertising on Anzu’s placements, which will take the shape of 3D objects like billboards and banners on the side of the road.


They will also be able to benefit from unique integration options such as personalized cars with company colors, logos, and custom driver uniforms. Advertisers will also have the option of using roadside flags to promote their businesses. Advertisers will use unique wall banners and things to adorn the facility during garage takeovers. This will guarantee that adverts aren’t too intrusive, and the creators will be able to design a game that seems authentic, complete with real-life commercials.

Anzu’s VP Games, Alex Yerukhimovich, said:

We’ve been working closely with Saber Interactive to make sure our ad placements are optimized for both the player and the advertiser. This is a fantastic chance for marketers to exhibit their campaigns in a visually spectacular AAA game, as well as for gamers to race alongside genuine advertising that are relevant to the location. It’s exactly what they’d expect to see if they were watching a genuine race, which adds to the authenticity of the experience.

In-game advertising is becoming a significant aspect of many companies’ digital marketing campaigns. We’re looking forward to bringing many people into the Dakar experience in order to reach its millions of varied and committed fans all around the world as the anticipation for this title grows.

Saber Interactive’s Head of Publishing, Todd Hollenshead, added:

Our Saber Porto team has been working tirelessly on Dakar Desert Rally, with the goal of creating it one of the most massive and genuine rally racing games ever. Our objective is to bring Dakar to life in a realistic and enjoyable manner, and it’s been wonderful to see Anzu’s amazing team’s enthusiasm reflected by their industry-leading technology and knowledge. We’re collaborating carefully to ensure that these commercials are deployed in a manner that is immersive and helps to accurately mimic the real-life rally experience.

Dakar Desert Rally Anzu

Prior to the launch, Anzu is accepting applications from marketers to book campaigns for the Dakar Desert Rally, so if you’re interested, go to Anzu’s official website for more information. Roblox, Razor Edge Games, World Cricket Championship, Poster Sticker, and Virtuverse were among Anzu’s previous partners and games.

Are you excited to play Dakar Desert Rally, and what do you think of Anzu and Saber Interactive collaborating to create immersive advertisements in the game? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.