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5 PS5 Games with Insane Graphics

With graphics getting better and better, a lot of developers are pushing the limit on what they can produce. However, some games have already gone past our wildest dreams (sorry gaming enthusiasts!). Here are 5 PS5 games that will blow your mind with their insane imagery!

The “best looking ps5 game graphics” is a term that has been used to describe the graphics of the PlayStation 5. The games listed provide an idea of what to expect from the PS5’s graphics.

5 PS5 Games with Insane Graphics

Sony’s next flagship platform debuted in late 2020, and we’re still due for a significant console refresh as the next-gen game library increases. Many of us have spent a long time going through specifications, reviews, and the best quality internet demos to figure out what the PS5 can do. When you first play a PS5, you finally get a sense of what these machines are capable of, and it’s fair to say there are now plenty of games that push these technical advancements to their most aesthetically astounding level. We’re talking 8K visuals at 60 frames per second and sharp, profoundly realistic gaming experiences that are unquestionably the most immersive available.

So, here’s our list of 5 PS5 Games with Insane Graphics that demonstrate what this machine is capable of:

Dirt No. 5 (4K HDR, 120Hz)


We’d be shocked if you weren’t leaned over, attempting to clear flecks of dirt off your mud-splattered screen after drifting on the rutted paths of Dirt 5 — we’d be surprised if you weren’t hunched over, trying to clean flecks of dirt off your mud-splattered screen. The most thrilling of the three graphics options in Codemasters’ newest arcade racer is the 120Hz setting, which is equipped for the most detailed high-speed gaming, with astonishing fluidity, high resolution, and sequences so seamless you’ll be ducking branches and changing your head with the turns. Sony’s 3D Audio surrounds you with a barrage of ambient elements, making your time behind the wheel even more immersive.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the fourth game in the Assassin’s Creed series (4K, HDR, 60Hz)


Many people favor Odyssey for its sheer exploring possibilities, but Valhalla is a masterclass in demonstrating the PS5 graphics engine’s true capability. Do you want to play a game with a cinematic feel to it? Valhalla on the PS4 considerably outperforms its glitchier predecessor, with stunning light effects and color vibrancy adorning each scenario. From the start, you’re firmly placed in the game. There’s also a 4K at 30fps setting for capturing every last detail in the game, as well as a reduced native resolution for a smoother experience.

Miles Morales, Spider-Man (4K, HDR, 60Hz)


With the introduction of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, web-slingers got precisely what they wanted. Flailing over New York and cutting lines across freezing roadways congested with yellow taxis provides endless entertainment. Even if you’re just swinging towards oblivion, the 4K/30fps ray tracing gives you enough to feel and see as you go. Sightseeing doesn’t get much better than through the eyes and senses of this legendary Marvel character, one of Stan Lee’s numerous gifts to a worldwide audience.

Borderlands 3 is the sequel to Borderlands 2. (4K, HDR, 120Hz)


Borderlands 3 has to be included since it’s so gorgeous and stylized. Consider Mad Max as seen through the eyes of a graphic writer who has access to every color in the rainbow. For us, the fun characters, chaotic action, and seductive aesthetic make this an unquestionable next-gen standout. With greater frame rates and more continuous mayhem, the 120Hz mode has reduced the resolution to Full HD, but has enhanced the frenetic appeal of gun-happy action. Many people prefer the 4K 60Hz option, however, since the more consistent frame rate and improved fighting still provide devastating results.

1. Cold War in Call of Duty: Black Ops (4K, HDR, 120Hz)


It doesn’t take long for someone to bring up Call of Duty while discussing near-cinematic visuals. For good cause, too: the series has always made a point of immersing you in the action, whether you’re skulking around basements and breaking up shady nocturnal meet-ups in North London, or drilling ice picks into a sheer wall, equipped with a variety of silent murdering devices. It’s little wonder that Black Ops Cold Wars was one of the most anticipated next-gen games, taking full use of 4K at 120Hz and a wide dynamic range. The maps are more detailed than ever before, and the gameplay is so slick that you’ll forget you’re not a long-serving special operations soldier.

The “best ps5 games” is a list of 5 PlayStation 5 games with graphics that are so insane, you won’t believe your eyes.

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