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Overwatch 2 Bastion guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Overwatch 2 Bastion guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more.
Bastion is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch because he has a large range of Overwatch 2 esp which can be used to help his team out. The best way to learn how to play him however is by watching some videos first! This article will share what you need know about playing as Bastion in Overwatch games

The “bastion tips supergiant” is a guide to help players learn how to play Overwatch’s Bastion. It includes tips, strategies and counters for the hero.

Overwatch 2 Bastion guide - Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

In comparison to its previous kit set in Overwatch 1, Bastion was given many opportunities in Overwatch 2. Bastion not only has a new ultimate assault, but you won’t be able to use self-repair as an ability anymore, making it a little difficult to beat and requiring you to think about where you want to deploy him. We’ll go through Bastion tips, techniques, and countermeasures in Overwatch 2 in this tutorial.

Bastion’s whole arsenal of abilities

You’ll be employing all of Bastion’s skills when playing as them in Overwatch 2.

  • Passive
    • Bastion’s movement speed has been boosted as a damage role.
  • Tactical Grenade A-36 (Right-mouse button)
    • Detonate a bomb that bounces off walls and explodes when it comes into contact with adversaries or the ground.
  • Reorganize (Left shift)
    • Alter the weapon configurations.
  • Artillery configuration
    • Immobilize yourself and fire three strong artillery rounds.

Bastion’s main ability will be Reconfigure, which will let him to move between Assult and Recon modes. His usual form is Recon, in which he walks about and fires his light weapon. As the Assault, he’ll be in a slower tank with a rapid-fire machine gun capable of taking down opponents in seconds, particularly if they can’t outrun his onslaught in time. In the Assault form, mowing down adversaries may make quick work of a group.


What is the best way to play as Bastion?

Bastion’s turret form formerly made him invincible and a primary priority for team clashes. In his more mobile Assault form, he’s still an attractive target, but he’s lost the ability to self-heal in Overwatch 2. As a consequence, you’ll want to use your Assault form with caution. The normal Recon strike has a lot of strength, particularly if you need to finish off an enemy target you’ve been pounding with your Assault assaults.

When utilizing Bastion, it’s critical to have the right placement. When flanking an opponent squad, we suggest exploiting the high ground to move around them and enabling your Assault form. As Bastion, you can make quick work of them if someone on your squad can throw off a well-placed stun. Opening with your Tactical Grenade and finishing them down in Recon form while fighting someone directly enables you to save your Assault strikes for more critical team confrontations.


Bastion needs good teammates to play with.

In Overwatch, Bastion works effectively alongside a variety of heroes. Supports like Ana, Mercy, and Zenyatta, who can heal a single victim, essentially keep Bastion alive. For your tank, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and Zarya are all capable of holding opponents down for a Bastion to target effectively, allowing you to take use of Bastion’s high-powered strikes.

All of the countermeasures, as well as who to counter with Bastion, are listed here.

Assume you’re trying to defeat a Bastion. In such instance, Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade may do significant damage, Echo and Pharah can escape Bastion’s quick-fire assaults, and Reaper can sneak up on Bastion and dart away rapidly. Symmetra’s sentry turrets may fry a confident Bastion. While Mei no longer has the ability to freeze a Bastion, she can now slow them down, making it simpler to pin one. Bastion has a lot of strength, but when forced into a corner, it may quickly become overrun.

Many of the lesser heroes, like as those in the Damage or Support roles, are essentially taken out by Bastion. Of course, tanks may be destroyed in the same way, but they’re a much harder to take down, even if Bastion has full license to assault them in its Assault version.


Bastion has a few opportunities in Overwatch 2, but many believe it will be for the better. You won’t be able to sit in a corner with him while he uses Reconfigure, and you won’t be able to heal yourself. However, it forces you to be more inventive with your hero placement, and you’ll find yourself in a lot of team battles, which is the greatest way to flank as Overwatch’s happiest portable tank.

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