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10 Best Waifus From The Fallout Franchise, Ranked –

This list is in no particular order.
Top 10 Waifu: (10) Octavia Alvarez – Fallout 4’s head of security, voiced by Courtenay Taylor
Lizbeth Tenderheart – Vault Dweller who is the daughter of Valentine and Rose DeWitt Bukater from Romeo and Juliet
Piper Wright- Curator of Vault 112/Vault 81 supercomputer terminal 3 whose voice actor is also Courtenay Taylor. She was not present during most quests, but can be seen outside her father’s bedroom sometimes in dialogue with him or his guest for a few sentences., voiced by Angela Lee Westlake

The “all fallout companions ranked” is a list of the 10 best waifus from the Fallout franchise. The ranking was done by fans and critics alike.

10 Best Waifus From The Fallout Franchise, Ranked –

Finding love would be the least of your problems in the Fallout series’ radioactive Wasteland.

Even Nevertheless, history shows that no amount of sorrow or misfortune has ever prevented individuals from falling in love.

Finding significance in your battle is what keeps you alive in the Wasteland. And having a caring waifu to devote your life to may be the difference between thriving and making the Wasteland kneel down to you.

There are a lot of lovely girls in Fallout after a half-dozen major games and numerous spin-offs.

Let’s meet the cutest waifus in the Fallout series, from spies to artificial intelligence.


Laura is number ten (Fallout)

Laura (Fallout) game screenshot

First, we’ll go back to the beginning of the series, when humans were just badly-animated faces with dubious voice acting and Bethesda wasn’t even in the picture.

Laura portrays herself at first as a member of the Children of the Cathedral, a religious group with links to the Master (the main antagonist of the first Fallout game).

Laura is obviously appealing as a bright and religious cultist, but once you find that she’s really a spy working for the Followers of the Apocalypse, she becomes pure waifu material.

She’s not just one of the most attractive ladies in the Wasteland, but she’s also as smart and savvy as a spy.

That’s someone you’d want to propose to!


Sarah Weintraub (nine) (Fallout: New Vegas)

Sarah Weintraub (Fallout: New Vegas) gameplay

In the Wasteland, there are two methods to stay alive.

Either you’re skilled with firearms or you’re terrific with words.

The latter is Sarah.

From the luxury of Vault 21, this ingenious vault-dwelling woman maintains a souvenir store and a hotel. That’s partly owing to her agoraphobia, but it also works, particularly when it comes to getting products for her gift store from someone like the Courier.

Fortunately, after you’ve provided Sarah enough vault outfits for the store, you can really woo her in-game.

After that, she’s always up for Holotapes & Chill.


8. Tandi Tandi Tandi Tandi T (Fallout)

Tandi (Fallout) game screenshot

Tandi is one of the most important figures in the New California Republic’s history.

She is a young and lovely member of the Shady Sands colony, which would eventually become the NCR, in the first game.

Her cheerful temperament and adventurous nature, along with her good looks, made her bride material at the time – but she only became better with time.

In Fallout 2, she would return as the president of the NCR, a position she would hold for 52 years.

Her dedication to the society and the reconstruction of civilisation makes her a compelling person with whom anybody may fall in love.


7. Bright Smiles (Fallout: New Vegas)

Sunny Smiles (Fallout: New Vegas) gameplay

What would you do for a livelihood if you had to live in Fallout’s radioactive Wasteland?

As a hunter-gatherer or a nomad living in the wilds, I see myself leading a self-sufficient life.

Sunny Smiles, a survivalist living in Goodsprings in 2281, would appeal to you if you’re anything like me.

Her skill hunting geckos and shooting down coyotes would come in good out in the wilds, as would her devoted dog Cheyenne.

She also looks gorgeous in her leather pants.


Piper Wright, no. 6 (Fallout 4)

Piper Wright (Fallout 4) game screenshot

If you can’t get enough of the city life, Piper Wright is the girl for you.

Piper is an important member of the Diamond City community.

She publishes her own newspaper, Publick Occurrences, to keep her neighbors updated about current happenings, and she’s prepared to risk everything for a story.

Many of you would place this vivacious journalist far higher on the list, but something about her truth-seeking zeal isn’t conducive to a happy marriage.

You’d never be half as essential to Piper as discovering the truth behind a conspiracy.


5. Valdez, Odessa (Fallout 76)

Odessa Valdez (Fallout 76) gameplay

Fallout 76 is a divisive title.

Some people adore it, while others despise it. It’s also difficult for some of us.

Even Nevertheless, there is one point on which we can all agree:

The Brotherhood of Steel has never seen a cuter scribe than Odessa Valdez.

It was nice to see her tinker around Fort Atlas. It also gave me something to anticipate whenever I visited the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel.

She’s one of the only logical and intelligent individuals in the post-nuclear world, which makes her ideal waifu material.


Cait is number four (Fallout 4)

Cait (Fallout 4) game screenshot

Even seasoned survivors find a post-nuclear Wasteland scary.

If you’re not a fighter, you’ll need to enlist the help of someone like Cait.

Cait is the sexiest cage fighter in Boston in 2287, not just because of her good looks, but also because of her proficiency in hand-to-hand fighting.

Cait has developed the charming personality of a badass after surviving an abusive household, slavery, and extensive Psycho use. She’ll offer you the closest thing to unconditional affection you’ll find in the Wasteland, even if it’s alongside other NPCs.

Her drug misuse is the only flaw, but if you’re a fan of Jet and Psycho, it may be a plus.

Alternatively, you might aid her in overcoming her basic instincts by completing the Benign Intervention quest.


3. Marie Curie (Fallout 4)

Curie (Fallout 4) gameplay

Curie, the supercharged Miss Nanny robot located deep under Vault 81, is one of the more unusual love interests you might have in Fallout 4.

This medical robot, originally known as CVRIE (Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer), was developed to become a full-fledged researcher with a pleasant personality and an insatiable drive to learn.

This desire would ultimately lead her to leave Vault 81 with the Sole Survivor and beg for their assistance in obtaining a Synth body.

Curie transforms into a lovely short-haired French scientist with lethal combat abilities once “perfected.” I’m not sure what else to call that if it isn’t waifu stuff.


2. Sharon Cassidy’s Rose (Fallout: New Vegas)

Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Fallout: New Vegas) game screenshot

Rose of Sharon Cassidy, a cowgirl badass living in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281, is perhaps the most endearing character in the whole Fallout trilogy.

Cass, better known as Whiskey Rose, is the proprietor of Cassidy Caravans and a descendent of Fallout 2’s Vault City badass John Cassidy.

She’s one of the most attractive ladies in the desert. She does, however, have a top-notch personality and a plethora of whiskey jokes to toss at you.

Her breath is likely to smell like whiskey as well.

I’m sure that’s appealing to some folks. It can’t possibly be any worse than any other desolate breath…


Nora is number one.

Nora (Fallout 4) gameplay

I can’t think of a finer Fallout waifu than Nora, whether it’s because of her great jawline, tremendous fury, or the fact that she’s actually your wife if you start Fallout 4 as a guy.

This ferocious mother will pursue her son to the depths of hell if necessary, destroying nations and uncovering horrors all across the Wasteland on her route to Shawn.

That’s the type of lady you want looking after your children and being a true partner.

Furthermore, if you set your mind to it in the game’s character creation part, she may appear anyway you choose.

That is to say, if you put out the effort, she will always be your perfect girl.

Nora is the ideal pre-war wifey for a post-nuclear world: intelligent, strong, and gorgeous.

The “main antagonist of fallout: new vegas” is a character that has been in the Fallout franchise for years. This article will rank the top 10 best waifus from the Fallout series.

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