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  • 20 Most Outgoing & Extroverted Anime Characters Of All Time –

    Anime is a Japanese style of animation that has gained global popularity. Some characters are more outgoing than others, and some are even EXTRAORDINARILY outgoing! Here’s our top 20 most out going anime characters ever! The “most blunt anime characters” are the most outgoing and extroverted anime characters of all time. They have a personality […]

  • Apple to Remove Apps and Games That Haven’t Been Updated in Two Years

    Apple has announced that they will soon begin to remove apps and games from their app store if they haven’t been updated in over two years. This new policy was met with a lot of controversy, as many developers fear the consequences for updating old titles. Apple is removing apps and games that haven’t been […]

  • Review – Imp of the Sun

    This game is a fascinating story that will have you hooked on the first day. You must find and evade the sun spot before he can get to your son. Hundreds of levels, countless hours of gameplay await. Imp of the Sun is a challenging platformer game. The game has very simple mechanics and controls, […]

  • The best trick to get infinite studs in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    The guide will teach you the best, most reliable way to get infinite studs in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga without spending real money. This can be done on all three platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) using this trick and saving yourself a lot of time if you’re looking for more studs. […]

  • Emerald Plains – The 30 Lucky Clovers Community Hunt

    Emerald Plains is a live escape game, where players use their skills to solve puzzles and riddles in order to find the hidden gems that have been lost on the mysterious island. In this community hunt, players will be looking for lucky clovers while competing against each other’s time limits. The article’s substance Hello there, […]

  • Review – Trolley Problem, Inc.

    The Trolley Problem is a thought experiment where you are given the choice to either intentionally kill one person or allow them to die because they happen to be standing in front of an oncoming train. The question asks if it would be morally acceptable for someone who can save many lives by killing one […]

  • Road 96 – On The Way Out

    The game has been out for years, so the player count is low. The economy is dwindling and it’s time to put a final nail in its coffin – or not? Road 96 is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It is an action-adventure game where you play as a member of […]

  • Animal Crossing Island Name Ideas May 2022 – Ideas for All Themes

    Nintendo recently announced that they were reimagining the beloved Animal Crossing series. The game will be a mobile app, with no release date set in stone yet. Rumors have been going around about what this new iteration of AC might actually be called, but we can’t help but imagine how great these names would translate […]

  • 6 Things You Need to Do Before Margit in Elden Ring –

    From indie games to AAA, many developers have enjoyed success in the last few years. But there are still some places where gaming is struggling to find its footing – especially when it comes to monetization and finding a stable audience. Before you head into Elden Ring, make sure you have done the following: “1. […]

  • Best 1v1 Games In Roblox Ranked (2022) –

    It’s been a highly entertaining year in gaming. You’ve seen new releases, old classics, and even some weird games that you probably never would have thought of before now. There are plenty of different types of games to play on Roblox today so why not take a look at the best 1v1 titles? The “best […]